Fix it Yourself

Everything you need to know about fixing your RV yourself.

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It's all fun and games until your RV breaks.

Learn from a certified RV tech how to fix your RV and get back to camping quick.

You got into this RVing thing because it was supposed to be fun.

Fresh air.

Happy hour at noon.

Endless BBQs and s’mores.

You joined all those Facebook groups and got on YouTube and saw…

RV horror stories

Overloaded service centers

Disgruntled RVers constantly complaining

You haven’t even purchased your RV yet and you’re seriously stressed about the integrity of your rig.

Or maybe you already drove your RV off the lot and now you’re really worried.

The truth is...

No matter what RV you buy (or already have) that thing is gonna break.

I mean, c’mon. It’s a box on wheels. Full of appliances. And systems. And propane. And people pushing buttons and banging around all day.

All that stuff barrelling down the highway is bound to break at some point or another.

And who are you going to call when it does?

Hint: It’s not Ghostbusters.

Your first thought is probably to take it to the dealer.

And that sounds great, but dealers take priority on RVs that were bought there. And if you’re traveling, you probably aren’t near the dealer where you purchased.

Okay, so call an RV service center then. No big deal.

Except that it is. There aren’t a lot of RV service centers in the first place. And if you're able to find one… well, they’re overloaded because the RV industry is booming and pushing out trailers faster than they should. (hence why they’re always breaking.)

Alright already! Go with the mobile mechanic!

While we will always recommend a mobile mechanic first, there are some drawbacks. They can be really expensive and in short supply.

So now that I’ve pooped all over your party, I want to let you in on a secret. There is a 4th option and it’s the best one of all.

You can fix it yourself.

Get started now!

That’s right. You don’t need no stinkin’ expert that charges no stinkin’ $150 an hour.

Because the truth is RV systems are basic, easy to access, and simple to fix.

Sue was stranded at the campground with no clue how to get her slide back in. One phone call to Ed and her husband was able to make it to his retirement party on time….without waiting hours for a tech or spending hundreds of dollars to get it fixed.

Tim took his RV to the shop to have his hot water heater replaced. The shop charged him $200 and did it incorrectly! He called Ed and over the phone was able to diagnose the issue and Timl was able to fix it himself within minutes!

We know fixing stuff yourself is super intimidating, but if they can do it, so can you.

Learn to fix it yourself for less money and in less time.

Let us guide you, young grasshopper.

Get started now!

Hi. I’m Liz.

Hi. I’m Ed.

Together we created Fix It Yourself, an online RV maintenance course that teaches you (yes, you!) everything you need to know about your RV to keep it properly maintained and road ready.

Fix It Yourself will:

  • Save you 1000s in repair costs
  • Save you time and the hassle of dealing with service centers with techs that don't know what they're doing anyway
  • Help you stay sane and calm when something breaks
  • Protect your financial investment
  • Get rid of the overwhelming “I don’t know anything” feeling you have any time something breaks in the RV
  • Make you the most knowledgeable person at the campfire...and probably the most popular, too

Here’s how it works:

Fix It Yourself is a journey that takes you from not knowing much about your RV (if anything) to knowing all the systems in your RV and teaching you how to repair and service them. The course is broken into 7 modules:

MODULE 1: Generators

Often your lifeline when traveling, we give you everything you need to know about how they operate and what to do when they don’t.

MODULE 2: Water Systems

Your RV is self-contained. This is awesome, but can be tricky to navigate sometimes. We’ve got your back.

MODULE 3: Roof maintenance

Keep up with your roof and never worry about insane water damage...and the expenses that come with that.

MODULE 4: Tire maintenance

Just like a runner takes care of his feet, an RVer needs to take care of her tires. Learn how to here.

MODULE 5: Electrical & Batteries

Possibly the most frightening and confusing systems in your rig. We break them down for you to understand, diagnose, and fix out there on the road.

MODULE 6: A/C & Furnace

RVing is about being comfortable. Learn these systems and you will be.

MODULE 7: Propane

These videos are all about giving you the confidence to know you’re not going to blow something up.

These modules will be delivered to you in on-demand video format for you to watch at your own pace. Like binge watching Netflix, but more educational.

What makes this course perfect for you?

This course was created with the everyday RVer in mind. If you know what a screwdriver is, you’re going to be a campground rockstar by the end of the course.

Fix It Yourself was created by a husband and wife team. It isn’t just some techy used car mechanic guy standing there telling you what you need to do using words you can’t actually understand.

Liz made sure her RV repairman husband used language everyone could understand. And we’ve broken down the information into easy, bite-sized chunks so you can understand it better than any other options out there.

Remember, Ed is a certified RV mechanic.

He’s been to school and has worked on countless models and makes. He’s helped people in person, and via video call and is used to helping people learn how to fix RVs themselves. Everyone can maintain their own RV with Ed’s guidance in this course.

And Liz is a certified educator with a passion for RVers.

That means this isn’t just someone creating some videos who clearly has no business trying to teach. She’s literally certified to teach people how to teach.

And that’s just what she did for this course.

No more talking heads, boring content, and long videos where you’re never going to remember what was said.

She directed and edited every last minute of video in this course. And she only had two goals for this course:

  • you take this course and know how to fix your RV.
  • you have fun doing it.

And last but certainly not least, this course pays for itself with just one or two minor repairs.

Get started now!

Frequently Asked Questions

I’m not mechanically inclined and the idea of fixing my rig is terrifying. I’m afraid I’ll blow something up! How can you be sure I’ll understand this?
This course was created by both Ed and Liz. Ed is mechanically-inclined. And Liz had to learn what a wrench was for this course. If she says it makes sense, we know you’ll totally get it.
So are you both teaching the course then?
Ed does the bulk of the teaching. Liz comes in at the end of each module to ask questions and get further information if necessary. You know, because she’s a good wife just trying to be thorough...not micromanaging or anything.
What the hell makes you so sure you know what you’re talking about?
Ed is a certified RV mechanic. He spent months in school training to work on RVs and has spent the last year working on RVs. He’s also worked with people over-the-phone and used to teaching people remotely, just like in this course.
I can get this kind of information for free on YouTube. Why are you charging me?
For every good video out there on YouTube for RV maintenance, there are 3-5 terrible ones. Unfortunately for you, YouTube doesn’t require its users to upload factual information or be of a certain IQ. This course however, is guaranteed good and reputable information in language you can actually understand. And it doesn’t take an hour to find the right video. It’s all right there on the course dashboard once you buy. We think that's valuable and we know you will too.
What if I take the course and still feel confused. Will I be supported aside from the course videos?
Ed and Liz will be active in a Facebook group and through email to answer any questions or concerns you have. We really want you to feel supported and confident in fixing your rig.
What if I am unhappy with the course? As in, it sucks and I want my money back?
Yikes. So this is awkward, but yeah... You can request a full refund up to thirty days after purchase. I want you to trust me that if this isn't for you, I'll give you all your money back without harassment or guilt. Just like I trust you're not going to watch all the videos, download all the cheat sheets, and then ask for a refund. We're both better than that.
When does the course start and finish?
The course starts once you click that awesome little "get it now" button and becomes yours for life! This is a completely self-paced online course - you can start right now and finish at your own pace. Or you can buy now and watch the material whenever is most convenient for you. Isn't online learning the best?
How long do I have access to the course?
Forever, baby!

Get ready to save thousands and get rid of that “what now?” feeling forever.

All RVs break eventually. And without a plan in place, you’re going to spend thousands and waste travel time waiting for someone else to repair your rig. This course is a way to change all that.

Not only will you learn the systems of your RV. You’ll be able to fix your RV with confidence, knowing you can get back to camping peace quickly. And you’ll have an RV tech whose works on hundreds of RVs to walk you through the process.

Join today, and get a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Get started now!

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